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Mrs. B. Dailey

Why do I feel the need to shop all them time and spend money on things I don't really need? I think I am truly a "shopaholic!"


I am Kerry, a 35 y.o. with Adult ADD/ADHD (combined inattentive type with hyperactive attention deficit).

My dear mother passed away May 17th after a prolonged fight against diabetes, God rest her soul, at the tender age of 59. We were quite close so I am devastated.

She left me 2 IRA's and about $7K. I have an 8K credit card balance built up over several years which I know I will be able to pay off with the 7K which is the wisest move.

But I am having to fill out inheritance IRA forms etc. and make decisions on what to do with the money as I have the limitations of what to withdraw per year and how much is taxable and what to do with it etc.

You know us ADD folks - the stress from losing my mom has made it almost impossible to keep focused when I'm trying to make SOME SENSE out of all the financial prospectus/IRA paperwork that I need to complete in the next 9 months. On top of that, math and I are like oil and water. I can't understand it at ALL...

I start reading the paperwork sent to me on Standard IRA's and all that and my mind CAN'T get a grasp on any of what I need to do! Or understand. It puts me to sleep. Zzzzzzz.

Is there a book... or a course... that explains money investment for us ADD folks?
In easy to understand, ADD friendly terminology and methodology?



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