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Thanks for the mention! I'm glad to see that some companies are stopping the practice.

Adele Hirschmann

I'm sick and tired of reading the sales flyers that show a discount price, only to be notified later in the ad that a rebate is required in order to get it. Why don't the stores just offer the savings at the register instead? I'm fed up with having to fork over my hard-earned cash for something I could afford with an outright discount and have to wait (while the bills pile up and I can't eat) months, sometimes. until the check comes.

Robert Getsla

I find the use of rebates is often meant to be deceptive. The real price at the cash register, if printed prominantly, would not bring in many customers, because it is frequently higher than the price of the same product elsewhere.

I recall reading somewhere that only a small percentage of rebates are actually claimed, and stores using rebates know this. This is why I try to avoid retailers using rebates. I am not interested in waiting the weeks or months before the rebate check arrives.

But I think the worst of all are the rebates that require the original receipt, when the very same receipt is required by the warranty. This means sending in the sales receipt to get a rebate effectively voids the warranty. One store I know of now prints two seperate receipts at once; one to be sent in for the rebate, and the other to be kept for warranty purposes.


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